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Field Partner Fact Sheet

What types of organizations can be a field partner?
Churches and other spiritual communties, non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses may all become field partners.

Churches and other spiritual communities - Spiritual Communities are the most common field partner because many churches have a desire and commitment to improve their community. Additionally, they have the people resources to get things done and often look for ways to impact their communities. Finally, most faith systems have caring for “your neighbor” as an important component in their teachings. The Christian faith talks about loving one’s neighbor, caring for orphans and widows, and sharing with those who are less fortunate. As a result, those attending churches often are receptive to serving their neighbor. is an effective tool that can help spiritual communities meet many of their outreach and community engagement goals.

  1. can be a vehicle for the church to catalogue its resources and services.
  2. It helps the church package these resources in a way that is easily accessible for the community.
  3. provides an opportunity for everyone in the church to participate in compassion and justice ministries at various levels of engagement. They can do as little as offer a couch or bed or as much as sharing their home with a child.
  4. Once church members have signed on as Neighbors, can be used as a vehicle to connect families with other families in the community who are going through difficult times.
  5. also provides an opportunity for the church to connect to community service providers, such as social service agencies and schools, in a deeper way. Since grows as a resource pool of goods and services as more people sign up as Neighbors, the church becomes an integral part of the community resource network.
  6. Many churches offer opportunities to serve the community. However, these opportunities are often limited in nature (serving in a soup kitchen, tutoring a child). provides a wide range of serving opportunities that offer a better opportunity for the gifts and resources of all families.
  7. If a church provides serving opportunities, it is usually a one-time events that do not allow for the development of ongoing relationships. provides opportunities to build mutually transforming relationships.

Community organizations - Non-profit social service and child welfare organizations can become field partners. Their staff can serve as Advocates, connecting their clients with those eager to help them. These organizations can also recruit Neighbors from their donor base to give them additional opportunities to engage their clients.

Schools - Schools might find to be helpful in providing support and resources to the families of students in their school. Supporting and stabilizing families in the school will directly help their students’ performance. A school might also encourage parents of their students to join as Neighbors. Social workers, teachers, administrators and counselors can serve as Advocates and post needs on behalf of their students and families.

Businesses – Businesses may participate in by encouraging all their employees to become Neighbors and help others in their community.

How do I become a Field Partner?
It is quite simple to become a field partner. Click on the field partner application, fill in the information and click on submit. A representative from or the Regional Partner for your area will contact you to begin the process.

If my organization becomes a Field Partner, what is expected of me?
Field Partners are asked to recruit volunteers from their network to participate as Neighbors. They also approve people to serve as Advocates. A Field Partner must be able to screen and approve neighbors offering services that involve contact with children, as well as have the ability to oversee the activities of their Advocates.

What if my church company or school wants to participate, but we are not in a position to screen and approve those who are serving? You can still have your people participate in under another Field Partner or Regional Partner. This will allow your community to participate without the responsibility for of vetting those who are offering services or overseeing Advocates.

If my church wants to participate, what should we do?
We suggest that you share information about with your church leadership. It is important for a volunteer or staff person at the church to be identified who will ultimately take responsibility for implementing the program. A leadership team would make participation even more vibrant.

All churches have the ability to encourage their community to sign up as Neighbors. Some churches also have the capacity to become Field Partners.

What is involved in screening and approving Neighbors and Advocates?
Advocates need to be interviewed and background checks performed. Additionally, Neighbors having contact with children need to be interviewed and undergo background checks.

What if we are not sure how to do background checks?
Your Regional Partner will be a resource for you in providing information on how to complete this process.

How do I know if people have signed up to be Neighbors and Advocates?
On the Field Partner’s page, there is a button that identifies which Neighbors and Advocates have completed their application and are awaiting your approval. This section is called Permission Requests. Just click on “approved” and that will activate that Neighbor for the specific level of service.

I understand that Field Partners are rated. What goes into a rating?
A Field Partner’s rating is aggregated from the ratings of their Advocates. Neighbors rate Advocates based on the quality of their experience. It is important for Field Partners to be aware of Advocates that are getting a consistently low rating. Additional training may be needed to help address the Advocate’s limitations.

If I want to communicate to everyone from my church who is involved in, is there an easy way to do that?
If a church has signed up as a Field Partner, they can send custom emails to everyone who is under them as a Field Partner. Field Partners can also easily send messages to all of their Advocates or to only Neighbors.

Is there a way for us to get reports of the activities of our Neighbors?
Yes. Simply contact or your Regional Partner.

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