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How does it work

  • As a potential donor and friend, you go to to see how you can give back to your community.
  • You register as a Neighbor on, so you will hear about needs in your community that you may be able to help fill. When you register, you will indicate the types of services you can offer, like babysitting or professional services, such as dentistry or counseling, and indicate the types of goods you are willing to share, such as baby clothes or furniture. For certain services, you may be asked to complete additional steps such as submitting to a background check.
  • A Family develops a need for a specific good or service that will help them provide a safe, happy and healthy home for their children.
  • An Advocate who represents, and who has a personal relationship with this Family in need, ensures the need is appropriate and then posts the Family's need to
  • When the Family's need is posted by the Advocate, you receive notification if that need matches the preferences you have indicated. You have discretion about whether needs are communicated to you by phone, SMS or email.
  • You examine your life and resources to see if you can meet this Family's need; if so, you commit through the website to providing it. You will also have the opportunity to post the need to Face book, Twitter, and other social networking sites to offer it to your friends and family.
  • The Advocate arranges for you and the Family to meet and fulfill the expressed need.
  • After returning to to record the experience, you will have the ability to print out a receipt for any goods donated.
  • The hope is that the transaction can be the first step in a continuing relationship that will transform both parties and strengthen all of our communities.

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