Forgot your password? Register Central office Central Office staff and volunteers work to create a highly transparent, data-rich sharing platform. Besides operating a website, Central Office’s main role is to screen, rate and monitor each Field Partner — who in turn is responsible for training and monitoring the Advocates who facilitate the fulfillment of needs. Central Office Role #1: Initially screen each Regional Partner

New Regional Partners must meet’s Minimum Requirements in order to be approved as an implementer.
   1. Have a mission of serving families in poverty.
   2. Be able to recruit and monitor the implementation of via Field Partners.
   3. Be an agency or ministry in good standing with local government entities.
   4. Provide with legal incorporation registration documents recognized by the local government. Central Office Role #2: Monitor performance of Regional Partners

The Central Office is responsible for monitoring the implementation and performance of Regional Partners. This is done through monitoring the ratings of Advocates and Field Partners and well as tracking the number of need transactions that are occurring in a particular region. Central Office Role #3: Maintain functioning of

The central office is responsible for maintaining the functioning of and corrects problems that are identified by Regional and Field Partners.

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