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Regional Partners Information Center

   i. Overview – Regional Partners serve a crucial role in bringing the movement of sharing to all area of the United States. There are people with needs in all communities: both the need to share and the need for resources. Regional Partners ensure that their own communities benefit from by using technology to link all of the organizations that serve people so that they can work together to change the world. Regional Partner Role #1: Screens, rates and monitors each Field Partner

Each Field Partner has a different risk profile — some are highly established with a proven track record and others are young and unproven — but have the potential to reach families not reached by more established state systems. Like eBay and other online marketplaces, hopes that an online transaction will let unproven, riskier Field Partners build a great reputation through long term performance.

The Regional Partner recruits and oversees the Field Partner’s implementation of Field Partners:

   1. Can be a non-profit agency, school, church or public entity.
   2. Must be able to recruit and monitor the work of their advocates.
   3. Must have connections to at-risk families in the community and have experience serving families in poverty or who have multiple problems. Regional Partner Role #2: Assign each Field Partner a Risk Rating

Once the Minimum Requirements are met, each Field Partner is given a Risk Rating. A Risk Rating is a 1 to 5-star rating assigned to each Field Partner by the staff.

Indicators supporting Field Partner's Reliability Corresponding Risk Rating
Very Significant (Lower Risk)
Significant (Low Risk)
Moderate (Moderate Risk)
Limited (High Risk)
Very Limited (Higher Risk)

Indicators supporting a Field Partner's reliability

   1. Recent financial audits and independent evaluations    2. Organizational age and level of sustainability    3. Results of on-site due diligence covering governance, management as well as operational and financial controls.    4. Reference checks with other partners    5. History in meeting the needs of vulnerable families. Regional Partner Role #3: Monitor Field Partners Regional Partner monitors the rating of Advocates completed by the Neighbor. The more transactions completed, the more data available for rating. The ratings of the Advocates working for the Field partner will be compiled for a total rating for the partner. Regional Partners monitors each Field Partner as regularly as possible (given staff constraints and distance).

ii. Become a regional partner

If you are interested in becoming a regional partner, click on regional partner application and complete/submit the form. Central Office will then contact you and get the process going.

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