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Field Partner Information Center

i. Overview – Roles and Responsibilities -

The Field Partner is the key implementer of If the Field Partner is not able to implement all the items below, the Regional Partner may connect one Field Partner with another in order to ensure all roles are addressed in a given area.

Field Partner Role #1 Recruit and train Advocates

The Field Partner recruits Advocates who serve as the hands and feet of’s mission. Field Partners ensure that Advocates complete the on-line training, connect families to the appropriate Advocate, and monitor Advocate’s ratings and posted Needs.

Field Partner Role #2 Do security checks on Neighbors who want to provide services

These services may include (but are not limited to) mentoring, tutoring, and in-home maintenance work. When a Neighbor completes their profile and identifies they are interested in offering services that involve contact with children, the Field Partner will be notified so they can certify the Neighbor. Prior to certification, a Neighbor cannot fulfill a service need.

Field Partner Role #3 Recruit Neighbors

Churches that serve as Field Partners have an opportunity to recruit neighbors from their congregations. This involves informing them of this opportunity to serve or donate, and challenging them to consider life stewardship.

Field Partner Role #4 Outreach

The Field Partner then connects with service organizations, schools, etc. in their community to notify them of this resource that the partner has to offer. The purpose is to identify families that have an immediate need for tangible items at critical times of need as well as supports from caring neighbors.

Field Partner Role #5 Monitor Transactions

The Field Partner monitors the ratings of Advocates to ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities. They will offer additional training and support as needed.

Field Partner Role #6 Ensure proper reporting

Periodic checks of feedback and follow-up contact is made to ensure proper reporting and documentation.

ii. Become a Field Partner

If you are interested in becoming a field partner, click on field partner application and complete/submit the form online. The regional partner for your area will then contact you and get the process going.

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