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Neighbors Fact Sheet “Neighbors” are people who want to connect with families in need by sharing goods or services and, when possible, being open to an on-going relationship that will be mutually transformative.

If you’ve ever wanted to help others but wondered how to do it, could be a great fit for you. It’s an opportunity for you to serve, give back to the community, make a difference is someone’s life and grow personally. Get started by registering here.

Our map can tell you whether is available in your area. If it isn’t, we encourage you to register anyway; we will contact you when is active in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does registration involve?

After completing an initial form, you’ll be asked to watch a brief welcome video and fill out a profile.

The profile tells us what you are able to offer other families through We encourage you to sit down with your family to fill out the form, taking an inventory of everyone’s talents and identifying goods and services that you can offer.

What are kinds of goods and services is looking for?

Goods refers to anything you own that you might be willing to give to others, from gently used clothing to a vehicle. After sharing, you can download a charitable donation letter from our website, which you can use for tax purposes.

Services can include:

  • Professional skills such as medical care, dental care, legal assistance or mental health counseling.
  • Trade skills such as carpentry, painting or car repair.
  • Life skills such as childcare, resume assistance, or tutoring.

Depending on the services you offer, we may ask you to provide documentation that certifies your expertise or professional status. If you express an interest in working with children (perhaps as a tutor or mentor), state laws require us to initiate a background check. An Advocate will contact you about that if necessary.

Once you have helped the family by providing a good or service, the next step is to develop an ongoing relationship with them, if possible.

Why do I need to choose a Field Partner while filling out the profile?

Field Partners act as a liaison between the Neighbor and family with a specific need. They provide support, answer questions and look out for the safety of participants. To learn more about a particular Field Partner, please visit their website.

I’ve been hearing about a program called Safe Families. What is that?

Safe Families for Children volunteers open their homes without compensation to care for a child of a parent going through a difficult time. Many Neighbors participate in Safe Families for Children and, while is not affiliated with Safe Families, we encourage you to learn more about it at

Once I submit my profile, how will I learn about needs?

You can choose to be notified of needs by email or text. You can also log in to the website to view needs. Once you learn of a need, you can decide whether you want to respond. If so, you can let us know via the website.

Do I contact families with specific needs directly through

Not initially. A local volunteer called an “Advocate” will contact you to confirm your interest in meeting the need, then facilitate arrangements with that family.

We ask that you be responsible for personally delivering items, taking appropriate caution by going with a friend or family member. Meeting the family in person allows you to make a connection, opening the door for a relationship to develop.

Can I provide with feedback on my experiences?

Yes, we encourage you to do so! Simply log in to and go to “Completed Transactions”. There you can complete a brief questionnaire. Your answers will help us refine and assess how our Advocates are doing. There’s also a place for you to write a brief description of your experience that we may share anonymously on our website.

I’m not sure the family I helped really needed it.

If that’s the case, please let us know via the questionnaire or by sending an email to your Advocate or the site’s administrator. Your feedback is essential!

How can I develop a relationship with the family I helped?

A good place to start is by following up with the family by phone. Get to know them, listen to their concerns and provide encouragement. Simply be yourself and if you sense a connection, continue to pursue the relationship. You can meet in neutral spaces such as parks, museums and malls or you can invite them to join your family for a picnic, church or other activity. Be considerate of their possible transportation limitations and find spots easily accessible to busses and trains, if necessary. Also be sure to make room for them to contribute to the relationship equally by accepting invitations to visit their community, as well. True life transformation can occur in the context of healthy relationships — for the family who had an initial specific need, and for your family, too.

For more information, please see the Neighbor Fact Sheet, the Advocate Fact Sheet, the Field Partner Fact Sheet and the Regional Partner Fact Sheet.

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