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Regional Partner Fact Sheet

Who can qualify as a Regional Partner?
A regional partner is typically a non-profit community based agency. This agency must have good relationships with other providers in the community and have sound financial and organizational systems and supports.

What is the responsibility of the Regional Partner? Regional partners are ultimately responsible to ensure that is adequately being implemented in the community. Their job is to recruit Field Partners and monitor their participation in To help with this, each Field Partner receives a rating based on the performance of their Advocates.

How do I begin the process of becoming a Regional Partner? Simply complete the application here and a representative of will contact you.

What staffing requirements are needed to be a Regional Partner? It is important that someone in your agency be responsible for the implementation of in your region. Ideally, a full-time staff would take on this responsibility. The individual does not need any specialized training beyond a community non-profit’s normal hiring criteria. will orient the staff person to their responsibilities.

What types of organizations should I recruit to be good Field Partners? Please see the Field Partner FAQs for the types of organizations that can be field partners. Churches often make great field partners. However, you also might consider schools, other non-profit agencies, public agencies, and businesses.

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